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Is your Windows Home PC "Child Safe" for online browsing?

Pornography, cyber bullies, and online predators make the internet a dangerous place for young minds. Protect your family! With a bonus Ruislip Manor Fun Day pack that includes Net Nanny for Windows and Net Nanny Social, you can secure your children from issues such as online grooming, by flagging and reporting content from sexual predators, cyber stalkers via the most popular social media sites. If you use a Windows PC at home then this pack will help you protect your family.
You save 46% (£17) when you buy this bundle for a single Windows PC, unlimited child profiles supported.

Features and Benefits

1. Comprehensive Social Network Database

Net Nanny Social supports a comprehensive list of social networks that includes the most popular sites. Net Nanny Social clearly shows parents exactly on which social networks their children have registered accounts and can automatically detect and add new ones when discovered. Social networks include: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

2. Language Detection

This tool identifies online threats such as cyberbullying, cyber-stalking, or grooming. It is estimated that 42% of children under the age of 18 are victims of cyberbullying. This bonus pack monitors content published on social networking sites and accurately identifies harmful language. Then, it can notify parents.

3. Access to Photos and Videos

Net Nanny Social gives parents access to view the photos and videos taken and published by their child. It also shows videos and pictures taken of their children that are posted online by others. This is important if someone publishes inappropriate pictures of your children or adds false tags to bully them.

4. Access to Friends

Net Nanny Social helps parents keep an eye on any friend-related activities. Parents can see details about their child’s online friends, know when new friends are added, or even “un-friend” others. Net Nanny Social gives parents access to their child’s list of friends, monitors activities related to those friends, and shows the same details about these friends that their child sees when online.

5. Alert Notifications

Parents can choose to activate alert notifications. Once done, parents receive e-mail or text messages when harmful or inappropriate activities are detected on their child’s social network accounts.

6. Activity Reports

Net Nanny Social sends parents daily or weekly reports on what is happening on their child’s social network pages. The report gives details and shows an intuitive chart representing a threat level of inappropriate or threatening contacts and communications with their child.

7. Intuitive Dashboard and Reports

Net Nanny Social organizes all content found while monitoring active social network accounts in a single easy-to-use dashboard. From this dashboard, parents are able to effortlessly navigate through their child’s social activities, get information about their friends, and see wall posts, pictures and videos.

8. Resources for Parents

Net Nanny Social offers parents useful resources such as a Glossary of terms and acronyms commonly used on social networks to help make informed decisions and to better understand the confusing lingo and terms used on these sites.

9. Block Pornography

Net Nanny for Windows will warn or block access to pornography or adult content

10. Internet Filter

Be in control of your internet. Set filtering for 18 categories of online content to either block, warn or allow for view. Categories include drugs, alcohol, mature content, hate, gore, suicide and more.

11. Time Management

Set total no. of Internet hours in a day or specific times of the day when your child can be online. This becomes important when your child is addicted to the internet and also helps parents control the time when children need to complete their homework.

12. Mask Profanity

View a webpage without being bombarded by vulgar language. Inappropriate language will automatically masked by Net Nanny for Windows.

13. User Profiles

Use preset user profiles or customize settings for each family member; unlimited user profiles for a single computer.

14. Remote Administration

Check usage reports, change your child’s profile settings, and much more from any computer with an Internet connection.

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