Coventry City Council

Computers in residential homes are monitored using a ‘net nanny’ and access to websites with an educational sexual content are agreed by prior arrangement with Social Services. Foster carers may wish to contact a local computer retailer to find out about protective software packages that you can be installed on home computers.

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Derbyshire County Council

The feedback from the users seems to be good. It loads better than the old parental interactive software. Net nanny goes off to the net every day and gets the latest list of restricted sites. PA did not do this. Also has support for blocking irc chat, peer to peer file sharing and some messenger clients.

Overall Foster Carers seem to have little issue with it, and it does a good job of filtering undesirable material from the Internet.

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Salford City Council

The majority of Looked After Children in the 11-18 age group have laptops with internet access. Safe access to the internet is provided through Net Nanny. Foster carers are offered training to improve their own ICT skills and to assist them in supporting their children’s school work. They have also had access to e-safety training through their in-house CEOP accredited trainer.

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Richmond Council

Richmond Council’s ICT and eSafety includes Net Nanny for portable equipment.

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