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Are you an agency looking to get targeted users on social media?

With the introduction of Facebook custom audiences and Twitter hashtags/keywords used by the users, we can now get your ads out to laser targeted audience. You can now provide this service for upto 3 customers. Our specialised marketing team branded under Clicks that Sell handle your services.
Twitter/Facebook Pre-requisities: A list of email records that have opted in to your client's website as well as the country of target, keywords, hashtags that you wish to target customers with. Ask your account manager for a demo.

Services included

1. Facebook Custom Audiences Preparation

Based on the opted in list provided by you for each customer, we compile and prepare a Facebook Advertising ready custom audiences file. We can target their friends if they have a profile on Facebook. Maximum records supported are upto 300,000. Read more about Facebook custom audiences here.

2. Managing your Facebook Advertising

Once the custom audiences data is ready, we upload the custom audiences for your customer pages and define budgets for the ads to begin. Custom audiences ads only target/re-target users and automatically target their friends on Facebook through the Facebook advertising platform, so your ads are only viewed by the people you want to focus on. Click here to see the video on how this is done.

3. Teaser Tweets Management

Teaser tweets targets users in the country of your client's choice and keywords/hashtags to automatically send them offers relevant to their subject. This gives you the ability to target users on Twitter in the country and city of your choice.

4. Teaser Tweets Creation

Each of your client's can have upto 6 teaser tweets, 3 keywords and hashtags that would run for 3 months. This package includes the creation of teaser tweets of 110 alphabets with keywords and hashtags for each with the help of our expert marketing team.

5. Google+ Page and Hashtags management

We automate posting to your client's Google Plus pages with relevant hashtags as an when they update their website with relevant blogs. This helps increase traffic to the website, based on relevant keywords and engages your client's audience.

6. Interested in managing all this by yourself?

If you wish to pick a package to do it all by yourself and manage multiple customers, kindly review our DIY Social for Agencies here.

7. Is this legal?

Yes, if you use the opted in customers to target, it is completely legal. Please review Facebook TOS for Custom audiences here.

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