Mac NetBarrier X8

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Sophisticated Firewall and Application Monitoring for Mac

Intego NetBarrier X8 keeps outsiders exactly where they belong: out of your Mac. It provides automatic protection as you move from one location to the next, so whether you’re at home, work, or grabbing coffee at your favorite café, you’ll be safeguarded against strangers and suspicious applications.

Features and Benefits

1. Provides Automatic Protection While You’re On the Go

Intego NetBarrier X8 switches to the best level of protection based on where you are. We’ll prevent strangers from accessing your Mac’s contents that would otherwise be exposed in an unsecure setting.

2. Protects Against Unknown Devices Trying to Access Your Mac

Want to share files with your friend at the coffee shop without worrying about strangers nearby? Intego NetBarrier X8 identifies other computers or devices that try to access your Mac and lets you decide what’s allowed in and what gets denied.

3. Three Simple Settings for Easy-to-Use Functionality

Intego NetBarrier X8 has simplified network setting options to home, public, or work. When we see that your network connection has changed, we let you know and make it easy for you to adjust to the appropriate tier of protection.

4. Makes It Easy to Allow Specific Connections

Intego NetBarrier X8 makes changes to your firewall simple and understandable. Temporarily allow connections from the Internet, allow remote desktop and more. You’ll learn how to change settings and quickly feel like a networking pro.

5. Watches Network Connections

Intego NetBarrier X8 monitors applications using your network. Whenever a connection is opened, we’ll run or block it depending on what you specify. Apps using too much bandwidth can be deactivated to improve network performance.

6. Easily Blocks Connections to Specific Internet Domains

If you’re uneasy about having applications share your personal information or your browsing habits with third parties, Intego NetBarrier X8 lets you easily block apps from communicating with specific Internet domainss.

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